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Texas Nursery & Landscape Association Expo (TNLA)

Each August, leading Members are recognized for their contributions and achievements to the Green Industry. TNLA presents Young Leader Awards, Arp Awards, Honorary Lifetime Memberships, Texas Excellence in Landscaping Awards and Summit Awards.

​​Join us in raising a glass to this year’s winners at the 2017 TNLA Awards Celebration on August 11 during the Nursery/Landscape EXPO in Dallas, Texas.

​ Exhibit Hall D, Exhibit Hall E, Exhibit Hall F, D All MR, Ballroom C1-C4, D 100s, C 100s, BRM D1-D4/BLFF, Bluffview Suite, D 200s

Mary Kay Inc., Seminar 2017

Since 1974, the Mary Kay Seminar has brought thousands of attendees to downtown Dallas. The 43rd Annual 2017 Mary Kay Seminar is known for recognizing and motivating Mary Kay’s Independent Beauty Consultants. With 3.5 million Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants and $4 billion in global annual sales, Mary Kay is a top beauty brand and direct seller in more than 35 markets around the world.

Exhibit Hall A, Exhibit Hall B, Exhibit Hall C, Exhibit Hall D, Exhibit Hall F, Arena, Ballroom A1-A4, A All MR, Ballroom C1-C4, C 100s, D 100s, BRM D1-D4/BLFF, D 200s, C140-142, A Lobby Box Off

Dallas County Community College District – DCCCD

DCCCD is one of the largest community college systems in the state. Since 1965, we have served more than 3 million people.

The colleges of DCCCD equip students for successful living and responsible citizenship. In addition, we provide economic benefits to business, taxpayers and the community.

KBHCCD: Exhibit Hall A, A200’s Ballroom A1-A4, Arena, Exhibit Hall B, A 300’s C 100’s