Green Building / Green Meetings

The Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center is committed to supporting and encouraging sustainable practices including the hosting of environmentally-friendly “green” meetings.  As one of only a handful of U.S. LEED-EB and ISO 14001 certified convention centers in the nation, our dedication to resource conservation, sustainability, source reduction, and waste diversion is standard operating procedure.

LEED - EB Award



· 7M gallons per year are saved through xeriscaping, low flow plumbing fixtures, and more energy efficient cooling towers
· Our maintenance and housekeeping staffs are trained to detect and report leaks for immediate repairs to conserve water

Green Purchasing
· We purchase and use environmentally friendly cleaning products, which in turn contribute to cleaner effluent

· 100% of the electricity we use is from renewable sources
· High-speed dock doors mean efficient temperature control inside exhibit halls
· High efficiency motors were installed throughout the HVAC system replacing old high energy consuming motors

· We offer free recycling collection which helps to offset show and exhibitor costs for garbage collection
· Nearly 160 tons of paper, cardboard, plastic, and aluminum are recycled annually
· More than $20,000 in unconsumed food and consumer products from shows has been donated through our Good Neighbor program to seven nonprofits serving homeless and at-risk people in Downtown Dallas.
· All used cooking oil is collected for conversion to bio-diesel
· Our catering partner uses compostable utensils for all disposable applications

If you’re looking to host a more sustainable event, talk with our Facility Operations Team about how we can help you achieve your green goals.

We offer attended, segregated collections for garbage, recycling and composting.
We offer attended, segregated collections for garbage, recycling and composting.