Planner FAQ

Where can I advertise my event?
KBHCCD offers a variety of paid on-site advertising options for Lessee and other interested groups or companies. Options include LCD messaging and videos; mobile charging stations; window and mirror clings; LED boards; and, internal and external banners. As an added value, we also offer complimentary assistance with social media marketing and press release distribution to local media. For assistance with advertising and Media services, contact KBHCCD Marketing.

To negotiate an On-site Advertising Agreement, contact KBHCCD Marketing at least 90 days before your show’s start date by emailing

What are your Green Initiatives?
With the use of environmentally safe and friendly cleaning products, and recycled products in our offices and food service areas, we are paying more attention to the environment and our place in it.

Recycling is a big portion of being GREEN and one of the easiest ways you can get involved in the KBHCCD GREEN practices. It not only reduces costs for you, your attendees and exhibitors, but also reduces landfill space and energy used. Encourage your general contractor and exhibitors to take an active role in recycling. When they use recyclable materials, trash is diverted from landfills. You will ultimately save on your bottom line, as there are no charges for recycling hauls as there are for additional trash hauls. If you have a sponsor for your recycling programs, depending on the situation, we may be able to feature them in conjunction with our recycling program for your event. Speak with your Event Coordinator on this and other ways to GREEN your meeting.


Paper: High Grade (white) and Low Grade (mixed colors, coated paper, computer paper, carbonless forms, envelopes with or without plastic windows, file folders, magazines, newspapers and misc.)


Bottles: plastic and glass

Metal cans (steel, aluminum, tin, etc.)

What are the building’s hours and what are extended hours?
Hours are based on show management and exhibitor hours. Generally Administrative Hours are Monday through Friday 8am – 5pm

What are the insurance requirements?
See attached PDF.

What are the deposit requirements?
A deposit of twenty-five percent (25%) of the minimum space rental amount is due at the time of contract execution with the balance and certificate of insurance (COI) due sixty (60) days before the event/show move-in date.

What are the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas’s fire and life safety guidelines for trade shows, public events and performances?
Depending on the type of event, show schedule, the number of attendees or use of pyrotechnics, some events may be required to have special event permits for pyrotechnics, lasers, open flame or other special effects. Additional standby fire personnel may be required to be on duty during show hours at Lessee’s expense. See your Event Coordinator for these permit applications. If you have a particular question or concern, please contact the Life Safety Manager at (214) 939-2872 or the Dallas Fire – Rescue Department at (214) 670-4319 or Fax (214) 670-4324.

When is security required?
A well-executed security plan is essential. Properly placed personnel facilitate a smooth traffic flow for your attendees as they visit different locations in the facility. In addition, your crowd management staff will be prepared should an emergency occur.

Lessee shall be responsible for hiring security personnel on a 24-hour basis from the initial move-in date/occupancy until completion of move-out. A list of preferred event security companies is available from your Event Coordinator.

Event security at KBHCCD is provided by state-licensed, trained, insured and bonded professionals and includes: ushers, ticket takers, floor security agents, door security agents, roving personnel, overnight security, their supervisors and managers, and law enforcement agencies and first responders.

The appropriate licenses, insurance, and company requirements have been approved by the Life Safety Manager and KBHCCD. All security personnel are required to enforce the policies of KBHCCD.

Lessee will submit a detailed security plan a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to the first move-
in day of the event. The plan must indicate the number of security supervisors and security personnel, dates, times and assigned locations. KBHCCD may request the Lessee make reasonable modifications to the plan.

Do you have a donations program?
Unconsumed, nonperishable food and useable consumer items may be given to Downtown nonprofits providing homeless assistance services under the KBHCCD Good Neighbor program. Contact Marketing for donation guidelines.

Can you provide catering in-house?
All food and beverage at KBHCCD is provided through our food and beverage contractor, Centerplate, (214) 743-2521.

Can we bring in food and beverages?

What about Beer, Wine & Liquor Service?
In compliance with Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission laws, no alcohol may be brought on to or removed from KBHCCD property except by the exclusive provider to KBHCCD.

Do you allow outside caterers to cater in the facility?
If food show exhibitors sample food or beverage not provided by our in-house catering department, KBHCCD will work with Show Management to secure health permit(s) covering the tradeshow.

What about water service?
Bottled water is placed inside the lectern, per the number of seats at the head table. Should your speakers’ water needs exceed what is provided, please consult your Event Coordinator. Water coolers are places in the Meeting Room corridors and outside the A and C Ballrooms when ballrooms are used for meeting space. KBHCCD does not place water coolers in exhibit halls. Water service for attendees may be ordered through the KBHCCD food and beverage provider.

Do you have Internet access available?
Complimentary Wi-Fi service is located in lobbies. For additional service, contact SmartCity Networks, (214) 853-8119.

What about electrical service?
Energizing of electrical services must be completed by KBHCCD personnel. All equipment, regardless of source of power, must comply with federal, state and local codes. KBHCCD reserves the right to inspect equipment at the exhibitor’s expense. Electrical outlets must be ordered for each booth requiring power.

During the event, KBHCCD electrical staff conducts an audit of power supplied to all exhibits, meeting rooms, ballrooms and lobbies. Any unauthorized use of power will be billed at the standard rate. Up to 100 AMP service can be provided at any floor pocket in the exhibit halls.

Submit a floor plan a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to the first move-in day of your event showing the location of the service to be installed.

What about telephone service?
Smart City Networks, the leading provider of telecommunication and event technology services, expertly arranges turnkey services for show managers and exhibitors. Our specialists have extensive expertise in pre-show installation, on-site support and post-show billing.

All you have to do is decide which services best address your requirements:

• Video Conferencing

• Virtual trade shows

• Webcasting (Internet broadcasting)

• Show infrastructure design, installation and support

• Telephone lines, instruments and calling plans

• Dedicated modem lines and instruments

• Special circuits: ISDN, DSL, T-1, T-3

• Networking: Ethernet, internet, point-to-point/multipoint

• Cellular phones and papers

• Equipment rentals


Chris Pendelton, General Manager
(214) 853-8900
(214) 853-8901 fax
For Cable TV Broadband Services contact AT&T Service Center: 1 (800) 246-8464