Dallas Safari Club

Event Type:
Convention & Expo / Consumer Show

The hunting world is coming to Dallas for the Dallas Safari Club’s Convention and Sporting Expo and will be held at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center. Dallas Safari Club brings the hunting world to you. The DSC Convention and Expo is one of the biggest fundraising events in Texas. Over the past couple years, the event has generated millions of dollars for conservation, education and advocacy initiatives around the world. For more information and to reserve your tickets visit www.Biggame.Org.

Event Location:
Exhibit Hall A, AB Lobby Upper, AB Lobby Lower, C Lobby Upper, C Lobby Lower, D Lobby Upper, D Lobby Lower, F Lobby, E Lobby, Ballroom A1-A4, Ballroom C1-C4, Exhibit Hall B, Exhibit Hall C, Exhibit Hall D, Exhibit Hall E, Exhibit Hall F, C 100s, D 100s, D 200s, BRM D1-D4/BLFF
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